The Friends of the Performing Arts would like to congratulate all the students who dedicate so much of their time, passion, and effort to the performing arts. The following is a list of students who have received distinction for their work. Congratulations to all.

2021-2022 FoPA Scholarships and National Music Award Recipients:

Cristina AgostinoMartel Award
Willy BowenLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Caroline BrownLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Charlotte BuehlerLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Arden CaldicottJohn Philip Sousa Band AwardLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Matt CharronLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Jenna EitenLombardo AchievementVocal Performance and Leadership
Ben GaynorLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Leo GnannLombardo AchievementVocal Performance and Leadership
Gordon GoldbergerLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Lauren KellyLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Emmeline MorgensLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Austen MorrisLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Mason RauchLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Marisol SaenzLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Tommy SheaLombardo AchievementVocal Performance and Leadership
Brendan SobolewskiLouis Armstrong Jazz AwardMenino Scholarship for Overall Contributions to the Music Department
Isabel TaylorLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Sam ThompsonLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Clare WhitakerLombardo AchievementVocal Performance and Leadership
Rachel WieseLombardo AchievementVocal Performance and Leadership
Sterling WilliamsLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater

2021-2022 Drama Awards

Adelaide AbstossDramatic Excellence
Willy BowenExcellence in Musical Drama
Charlotte BuehlerTriple Threat
Arden CaldicottVocal Excellence
Matt CharronRenaissance Award
Alex ChenDramatic Excellence
Jenna EitenExcellence in Musical Drama
Cordy FrankelCrew Leadership
Ben GaynorDrama Dedication
Gordon GoldbergerUnsung Hero
Thomas HodgeShow Ready
Kelli KamphausExcellence in Dance Leadership
Lauren KellyThe Judy Cranshaw Award
Sam MaExcellence in Pit Orchestra
Emmeline MorgensExcellence in Technical Theater
Yasmine NeePit Orchestra Dedication
Mason RauchDrama Dedication
Marisol SaenzExcellence in Costume Design
Miranda SavlaRookie of the Year
Ashen SchultzeShow Ready
Thomas SheaPerformer of the Year
Brendan SobolewskiLeadership in Pit Orchestra
Isabel TaylorThe Judy Cranshaw Award
Sam ThompsonRenaissance Award
Rachel WieseVocal Excellence
Sterling WilliamsBest Atage Presence
Kaeyln WuExcellence in Dance
Austen MorrisLen Schnabel Award

2021-2022 Music and Drama Letter Recipients

Diana AbramianLetter in Music
Dylan CovellLetter in Music
Jenna EitenBar in Music2 Bars Drama
Ben GaynorBar in Music PatchBar in Drama
Bradley Hodson-WalkerLetter in Drama
Lauren Kelly3 Bars in Drama
Samuel LehrichLetter in Drama
Connor LongBar in Music
Sam MaLetter in Music
Mercy McGeheeLetter in Music
Rori McManusLetter in Drama
Emmeline Morgens5 Bars Drama
Grace MulrooneyLetter in Drama
Leo PucciLetter in Music
Mason RauchBar in DramaPatch & Bar in Music
Rishab SanjeevLetter & 2 Bars in Music
Annabelle SchmidtLetter & Bar in Music
Brendan Sobolewski3 Bars in Music
Luke SveenLetter In Music
Alex TuckerLetter in Music
Rachel WieseBars Drama2 Bars Music

Congratulations to Brendan Sobolewski! Through a $1,000 grant from FoPA, Brendan improved the acoustics of the DSHS band room for his Eagle Scout project. Thank you, Brendan!


2020-2021 FoPA Scholarships and National Music Award Recipients:

Avery CharneskiLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Evan CharneskiLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Anna DavisLombardo AchievementVocal Performance and Leadership
Calli FrankelLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Ashley Gong John Philip Sousa Band Award
Maureen HaswellLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Amelia Hodson-WalkerLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Sophia KatzAlfred Mannino AwardOverall Contributions to the Music Department
Noah JaffeLouis Armstrong Jazz Award
Taylor MelenovskyLombardo AchievementVocal Performance and Leadership
Oliver MorgensLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Nolan SayerLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Ella SullivanLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Diego SwaddipongRobert Martell AwardMusic Composition and Arranging
Ashleigh VersawLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater

2020-2021 Drama Awards

Addie Abstoss
Rookie of the Year

Caroline Brown
Dramatic Excellence

Arden Caldicott
Best actress in the

Anna Davis
Vocal Excellence

Ben Gaynor
Dramatic Excellence

Amelia Hodson-Walker
The Judy Cranshaw Award

Lauren Kelly
Excellence in Technical Theater

Patrick Lombard
Best actor in the

Taylor Melenovsky
Best actress in the

Oliver Morgens
Drama Dedication

Anna Mulrooney
Show Ready

Grace Mulrooney
Show Ready

Nolan Sayer
Len Schnabel Award

Diego Swaddipong
Excellence in Music Composition

Izzy Taylor
Unsung Hero

Alex Versaw
Best actor in the

Ashleigh Versaw
Stage Presence

Clare Whitaker
Dramatic Excellence

2020-2021 Music and Drama Letter Recipients

Cristina Agostino
Letter & 2 Bars in Music

Arden Caldicott
2 Bars Music, 1 Bar Drama

Avery Charneski
Letter & Bar in Music

Matt Charron
Letter in Music

Jenna Eiten
Letter in Music, Bar (Letter) in Drama

Ben Gaynor
Letter & Bar in Music

Leo Gnann
Letter in Music

Ethan Goldman
Letter & Bar in Music

Ashley Gong
Bar in Music

Ani Goorha
Letter in Music

Val Goorha
Letter & Bar in Music

Ananya Gupta
Letter in Music

Amelia Hodson-Walker
2 Bars Music, 2 Bars Drama

Noah Jaffe
2 Bars in Music

Sophia Katz
Letter & Bar in Music

Lauren Kelly
7 Bars in Drama

Connor Long
Letter in Music

Ethan Lynch
Letter & 2 Bars in Music

Taylor Melenovsky
Patch in Drama, 3 Bars in Music

Leo Pucci
Letter in Music

Mason Rauch
Letter in Drama

Frankie Sacco
Letter in Music & 2 Bars

Nolan Sayer
2 Bars in Drama

Disha Setlur
Letter in Music

Brendan Sobolewski
Letter & Bar in Music

Ella Sullivan
3 Bars in Drama

Isabel Taylor
Letter in Drama

Ashleigh Versaw
Letter in Drama

Rachel Wiese
Letter in Music & Drama

Irene Yang
Letter in Music

2019-2020 FoPA and National Scholarship Recipients: Senior Awards

Rory Bakker-MarshallExcellence in Vocal Performance & Leadership
Olivia BarrowsExcellence in Vocal Performance & Leadership
Jack BowenLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Kira CorningLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Amanda DyeLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Will FieldLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Oliver FriedLouis ArmstrongJazz Award
Sam GaynorLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Olivia GoganianMannino ScholarshipContribution to Music
Jack GreenLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Frankie KovrlijaLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Margo MemmottVocal Performance & Leadership
Devin PatelRobert Martell Scholarship
Brin RockettLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Clare SobolewskiJohn Philip SousaBand Award
Ethan WoodLombardo AchievementPit Orchestra

2019-2020 Drama Awards

Rory Bakker-MarshallVocal Excellence
Olivia BarrowsVocal Excellence
Jack BowenDrama DedicationSenior Participation
Caroline BrownExcellence in Dance
Charlotte BuehlerExcellence in Dance Design
Arden CaldicottMost Committed
Matthew CichockiRookie of the Year
Kira CorningDramatic Excellence
Anna DavisVocal Excellence
Amanda DyeTriple Threat
Jenna EitenExcellence in Dance Design
Will FieldTriple Threat
Will GatelyDramatic Excellence
Sam GaynorShow ReadySenior Participation
Olivia GoganianOrchestra DedicationMost Committed
Jack GreenJudy Cranshaw Award
Amelia Hodson-WalkerUnsung Hero
Lauren KellyExcellence in Costume Design
Frankie KovrlijaMost Memorable
Taylor MelenovskyTriple Threat
Margo MemmottUnsung HeroSenior Participation
Oliver MorgensDrama Dedication
Austen MorrisExcellence in Technical Theater
Jordan PfeiferDramatic Excellence
Natalie PodsedlySenior Participation
Brin RockettMost Memorable
Marisol SaenzRenaissance Award
Nolan SayerCrew Leadership
Shane SkylarExcellence in Set Execution
Brendan SobolewskiRookie of the Year
Diego SwaddipongExcellence in Music Composition
Izzy TaylorExcellence in Dance Leadership
Sam ThompsonShow Ready
Ashleigh VersawMost Committed
Clare WhitakerBest Stage Presence

2019-2020 Music and Drama Letter Recipients

Charlotte BuehlerDrama Letter
Andrew CaldicottDrama Bar
Arden CaldicottMusic LetterDrama Letter
Kira CorningDrama Letter
Kenia DorattDrama Letter
Amanda DyeDrama Bar
Jenna EitenDrama Letter
Calli FrankelDrama Letter
Olivia GoganianMusic BarDrama Bar
Ashley GongMusic Letter
Jack Green Music BarTriple Drama Bar
Maureen HaswellDrama Letter
Amelia Hodson-WalkerDouble Music BarOctuple Drama Bar
Noah JaffeMusic LetterDrama Letter
Lauren KellyDrama Letter
Taylor MelenovskyDrama Letter
Emmeline MorgensDrama Letter
Oliver MorgensMusic LetterDouble Drama Bar
Bethany PetersenMusic LetterDrama Letter
Brin RockettDrama Letter
Nolan SayerDrama Bar
Ella SullivanDrama Letter
Clare WhitakerDrama Letter

2019 - 2020 METG Excellence Awards

Emmeline Morgens1st Place Makeup and HairHonorable Mention: Overall Technical Excellence
DSHS Aunt LeafMoving on to Semi-Finals
Sam GaynorExcellence in Acting
Lauren KellyExcellence in Acting
Oliver MorgensExcellence in Acting

2018-2019 FoPA Scholarship Recipients: Senior Awards

Victor ChenLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Will EasleyMannino Scholarship
Ryan GardnerLuis Armstrong Jazz Award
Benjamin Hodson-WalkerLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Lila HoveyVocal Performance and Leadership
Eugene KwongLombardo AchievementPit Orchestra
Aidan LevinsonLombardo AchievementDramatic Theater
Laura MaherLombardo AchievementMusical Theater
Katherine RoerVocal Performance and Leadership
Kathleen RupinskiMartel Scholarship
Johanna SchulzLombardo AchievementStage Crew and Set Production
Jeb ShueVocal Performance and Leadership

2018-2019 Drama and Music Letter Recipients

Olivia BarrowsMusic and Drama Letters
Andrew CaldicottDrama Bar
Jordyn DeVellisMusic and Drama Letters
Amanda DyeMusic and Drama Letters
Sam GaynorDrama Letter
Olivia GoganianMusic Bar
Jack GreenMusic and Drama Letters
Amelia Hodson-WalkerMusic and Drama Letters
Benjamin Hodson-WalkerMusic and Drama Bars
Lila HoveyMusic and Drama Letters
Margo MemmottMusic and Drama Letters
Oliver MorgensDrama Letter
Natalie PodsedlyDrama Letter
Katherine RoerDrama Letter
Nolan SayerDrama Letter
Johanna SchulzDrama Letter
Diego SwaddipongMusic Letter

2018-2019 Drama Awards

Jack BowenBest Actor in the Musical
Charlotte BuehlerExcellence in Dance
Victor ChenDrama Dedication
Kira CorningBest Actress in a Play
Jordyn DeVellisVocal Excellence
Amanda DyeBest Actress in the Musical
Will EasleyLeadering in Pit Orchestra
Jenna EitenExcellence in Dance
Will FieldExcellence in Dance
Jack GreenExcellence in Set Execution
Ben Hodson-WalkerBest Actor in the Musical
Lila HoveyThe Judy Cranshaw Award
Lauren KellyDrama Dedication
Frankie KovrlijaBest Stage Presence
Eugene KwongExcellence in Pit Orchestra
Aidan LevinsonActor of the Year
Laura MaherBest Actress in the Musical
Margo MemmottDrama Dedication
Oliver MorgensBest Actor in the Play
Katherine RoerActress of the Year
Marisol SaenzTriple Threat
Nolan SayerExcellence in Technical Theater
Johanna SchulzRenaissance Award
James ShueVocal Excellence
Joel SilvestriCrew Leadership
Meira WhiteBest Stage Presence

2018 - 2019 8th Grade Chorus And Band Award Recipients

Layla BaileyChorusCitizenship Award
Isabelle LeFevreChorusAll Around Excellence
Connor LongBandAchievement Award
Michelle MoonChorusCommitment Award
Rishab SanjeevBandCitizenship Award
Annabelle SchmidtChorusAchievement Award
Luke SveenBandAll Around Excellence
Alex VersawBandCommitment Award